Learning to communicate with the dead takes a lot of patience, practice and a little luck. For centuries, people have always attempted to communicate with the dead for a variety of reasons. Many of these reasons have to do with not having the chance to say "goodbye" or "I love you" while the person was still alive. Another major reason is wanting to know how and why the person died. This is especially true of murder victims and those who just suddenly drop dead for no apparent reason. Whatever the reason is that you want to learn how to communicate with the dead, you only need to have the genuine desire and belief to do it. The steps here will help you to communicate with your dead loved ones.

Go to an area of your home where you will be able to concentrate without distractions. Sit down comfortably.

Hold the item that belonged to or had some kind of connection with the deceased person with whom you are trying to communicate. You can hold it in your hands or place it against your heart or your head. Do whatever will help you to feel comfortable and help your concentration.

Think about the person you are trying to reach. Picture them in your mind and concentrate on the way they looked, talked, walked and smelled. Review every other aspect of them you have stored in your memory.

With your eyes closed, try to feel what it felt like to have that person with you. Pretend that person is really sitting there with you, and concentrate on how that feels.

Begin to call out the deceased name as if they were right next to you. Tell them that you need to speak to them. Ask if they are able to let you know in some way whether they are there or not.

Stay focused on them and try to feel their presence. Be aware of any movements or wind in the room. Watch for any movement of objects, or feelings of being touched. Even the slightest of feelings could be them trying to communicate with you.

Talk to them but don't count on an audible answer. Sometimes, at least at first you may only catch a feeling from them, or if you're lucky, you'll see an image of them.

When you get tired or have been at it for a prolonged period of time, say good-bye and tell them you will talk to them again.


  • Take your time. You may not be successful the first few times, but keep at it.

  • You must believe you can do it and take it seriously.