Wedding planning requires much more than ordering flower arrangements and setting up catering services. Making someone else’s big day perfect requires a great deal of organization and attention to detail, as well as a genuine passion for creating a magical and memorable scene for the bride and groom. Becoming a successful wedding planner isn’t something just anyone can do, nor can you jump right into this type of career without any preparation. Taking college courses in event planning and coordination can help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the industry, and there are several options available to prospective wedding planners.

Wedding Planner Certificate

While there isn’t a degree option for wedding planning, there are certificate programs available which are offered in a variety of formats, including online and at college campuses. The programs vary in length, but usually take just a few months to complete and include courses in site selection, budget and contracts and selection of caterers, musicians and other necessary personnel. These classes familiarize students with wedding preparation from start to finish, and many include hands-on opportunities working with clients and other professionals in wedding coordination.

Online Programs

Some colleges and professional schools offer online courses for wedding planning certificates, as do schools that specialize in wedding planning exclusively. For instance, the Wedding Planning Institute has courses that will lead to a certificate, as well as more concentrated online classes in areas like floral design and environmentally-friendly wedding planning. Other schools with online options for students include Ashworth College, The Sheffield School and Weddings Beautiful. All of these schools have flexible programs for non-traditional students interested in a career in wedding planning, with a complete offering of courses.

College Campuses

Many colleges also offer traditional classroom-based courses that can prepare students for a career in wedding and event planning. At California State University, East Bay, students can enroll in a five-month program at the university’s campus to gain the knowledge necessary for success in the industry. The College of Southern Maryland is another campus-based program, with four different courses in wedding coordination. Other colleges across the country – both community colleges and four-year universities – offer similar programs for students who wish to prepare for their career in a more traditional setting.

Other College Classes to Consider

While a wedding planning certificate will cover the basics in this type of event coordination, there are other college courses to consider that will add to your experience and expertise. Classes in business, hospitality, culinary arts and floral arrangement are all advantageous for a wedding planner, as these areas are typically drawn from by those in the profession. Lots of colleges and other professional schools offer these types of courses, which can expand your knowledge base and are appealing to potential employers.