As a final project, most college art students will show their best piece of work before an audience at an art gallery. Because of the importance of this event, students should select a piece that shows off their strengths as much as possible. Some of the best pieces for this purpose include paintings, engravings, photos and computer-generated pieces.


Painting is one of the oldest and most popular art forms. Painting is popular with art students because it allows them to create images with only the most basic materials: brushes, paints and canvas. Paintings can depict people, objects, landscapes or abstract images. Most high level painting in the 21st century is highly abstract, using colors and shapes to depict emotions and ideas.


Engraving is the art of making images by cutting a flat surface. Many art students like to engrave images into murals, as it challenges them to create art without the use of color. Engraving is also used to create logos and trophies. In the 21st century, the art is open so there is virtually no limit to what a student can do with engraving. Commercial art, such as logos and banners, is respected as a legitimate art form.


Sculpture is the art of creating a three-dimensional image out of a block of metal, stone or wood. Sculptures include statutes, replicas and abstract figurines. Sculptures may be very large, such as statues or ice sculptures, or very small, such as statuettes. Sculptures are popular displays at art galleries.

Computer Graphics

Computer imaging is a new and exciting field. Many artists work in this field, creating three-dimensional masterpieces with graphics generators, photo editors and video development tools. Computer graphics are broad in scope, ranging from two-dimensional stills to three-dimensional video clips.


Prints are much like paintings, but they are made from reproduced images rather than brushstrokes. Prints can be made by taking a picture and modifying it with imaging tools in the photo lab. However, print making is not necessarily a spinoff of photography; many print artists work solely with preexisting photographs and images. Andy Warhol was famous for his prints, which he made by the changing contrast and brightness of pre-existing images.


Collages are pieces of art made from smaller images and items. Collages can be made up of photos, household items, paper cutouts and other materials. Collages can be used to present a clear image or can be more abstract in nature. Collage is one of the most open-ended and versatile art forms.


Photography is increasing in popularity as a medium for college art projects. Photography consists of taking pictures with a camera and editing those pictures to convey an image. Photographs can be black and white, full color or limited color. Popular photography subjects include people, landscapes, architecture and scenery.