Few things are more relaxing after a workout at the gym than sitting in the steam room to open your pores, release toxins from your body and calm your muscles. But just because you're in a super-relaxed mood doesn't mean you can "let it all hang out" in the steam room, where no one should be fully dressed. Proper etiquette for public steamrooms -- including those in gyms and clubs that offer private memberships -- is a must. You could lose your membership privileges, or worse, offend the person sharing the steam with you.

Clothing is Optional

Unless you're on a remote beach or on Sint Maarten's Orient Bay, you probably won't see a sign that says, "Clothing Optional." Wearing your workout clothing to the steam room would defeat the purpose, so your choices are to either wear a swimsuit or a towel. If you're modest, or if men and women sit in the same space, you might feel more comfortable wearing a swimsuit. But the clothing rule for single-sex steam rooms is just a towel -- a towel that covers your body, not one of those small skimpy towels that some gyms provide. The point is to cover the parts of your body that would reveal too much to others in the steam room and to keep your bodily fluids from seeping into the seating areas.