Senior classes can work together to create a memorable graduation video that looks back on their four years together. They can show this video at graduation and give it as a departing gift to each of the graduating seniors. Serving as a memory of their high school days, this video should include all classmates -- not just those responsible for making the video -- and effectively summarize their high school experience.

Photo Slide Show

The easiest type of video to create, a photo slideshow simply puts photos of the students to music in a video format. This is ideal if the students want to show the video at a graduation event, like a class breakfast or the commencement ceremony. You can scan photos of the students throughout the last four years, and set it to appropriate music. Include images from class events such as prom and athletic games, interspersed with candid school shots.

Video Montage

A video montage can bring key events from high school to life in a way that a simple slideshow cannot. Encourage students to create short videos of memorable events throughout high school, such as school assemblies, class retreats, classroom projects and presentations. Edit each short video to create a montage that describes the students' experiences during their four years of high school. Include a range of events to keep the video inclusive.

Senior Shout-Outs

Senior shout-outs can be a fun way for each student to get involved in the class graduation video. In the months leading up to graduation, schedule video shoot times for each student. During their interview, ask students to recall their favorite memory from high school or discuss what they will miss most. Compile memorable clips from each of the student interviews into one video.

Group Shoots

To include more than just one group of seniors in the making of the class graduation video, students can organize into teams. Challenge each group to come up with a skit that effectively summarizes their high school experience. Encourage them to keep their skits brief and positive. Combine each group's video into the final class graduation video. Students will enjoy reflecting on the teamwork they used to compose this graduation memory.