Literature reviews are not research papers. Reviews discuss the content of literature rather than evidence-based data. Ideas such as character representation, plot and writer motivation, among others, are the main ideas in a literature review. Choosing a title for a review depends on the parameters of the assignment and the depth of the review.

Step 1

Create an outline for the literature review. This first step is critical as the title needs to be descriptive of the content of the paper as well as reflective of the paper's main ideas.

Step 2

Highlight the main ideas of every paragraph after completing the outline and create a thesis statement. The main ideas and thesis statement will be the guide for the reader, so the paper title needs to reflect these sentences. In one spurt, a title needs to tell the reader what the paper will be discussing.

Step 3

Use subtitles, if they are allowed in the parameters of the assignment. Titles will explain the main idea of the paper while subtitles will give the reader more information. A title and subtitle of a literature paper may be, "Symbolism in The Great Gatsby" for a title and "The Meaning Behind Homes and Their Placement" for a subtitle.