Money doesn’t grow on trees---and the sooner this awareness permeates the minds of our little people, the easier raising them will be. Once acquiring a keener understanding of how grownups earn and handle money, kids tend to become much more conscientious and conservative in their desires and purchases.

Money Wise

Teaching kids how to save early on instills lifelong values.

When children get an early grasp of banking objectives, they have an understanding of money management for life, and there are a number of ways to instill this information. Kids learn about money in school, from their peers, from parental guidance and from engaging in activities specifically designed to provide banking experience.

Online Banking Activities

There are endless books available on teaching kids about banking, and they include loads of fun activities, but even better are the instant access, online sites that provide pages and pages of printable lesson plans for parents and teachers to pursue with their little ones (see References).

All About Banking

Online sites offer practical lessons on banking. provides some very basic but important banking activities (see References). On this site, your kids can learn all about banking, from start to finish. They learn about depositing money, filling out a deposit slip, writing and endorsing checks, balancing checkbooks, using savings accounts and more. The lessons can be pursued while online or they can be printed for use at another time.

Historical Perspective

Kids enjoy learning how money is made. is an informative and fun site (see References). Here, kids can take virtual tours to learn about money and banking---historically and presently. It starts with an online tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, educating little ones on how money came into being and how it’s made (then and now). From there, kids are introduced to the world of advertising and the influences that they face from it on a daily basis. The site offers lessons on money math, check writing, practice with dollars and cents, paying bills, saving money and more. Kids can learn about the history of money and banking---and their future with finances---via the interactive lessons offered on this site.

Visiting the Bank

Letting kids do their own banking makes them money savvy.

Most banks offer activity booklets for kids about banking, but these can be limited in substance and inspiration as they tend to simply cover the basics. Even so, taking children to visit your local bank and allowing them to participate and interact with the bank employees can instill a greater interest in money and banking.