Whether you're still in high school or you graduated many years ago, you should still be able to check your high school grades. Most schools keep records of grades dating back many years, but each school has a different policy when it comes to getting a copy of your grades. Due to privacy issues, the school must be sure that you are the person whose grades are being requested. Once you have your grades, you can use them to apply for college or scholarships.

Step 1

Contact your high school. Ask about the procedures for requesting your high school transcript. If you are current student, you may simply have to walk into the office and request your grades—the assistants in the office recognize you, so there's no problem. Others may need to come into the school or submit an application.

Step 2

Fill out any necessary paperwork. If you have already graduated, the school may require you to fill out an official form requesting your high school transcripts.

Step 3

Show your photo identification. The school may only release transcripts to the person named on the transcript. If this is true, you may have to show or provide a copy of your state-issued photo identification before you can receive your grades.