Changing the Texting Entry Mode on an LG Vortex Phone

Quick word entry is easy with Swype.
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The on-screen touch-typing you do on your LG Vortex -- when texting friends, browsing the Web or composing emails, for example -- is not restricted to the native Android keyboard. The device is also equipped with the Swype keyboard, which inputs full words using the swipe of your finger instead of single taps on individual letters. While this keyboard makes a quick job of lengthy text entry, it also remembers the words you use most frequently -- even slang, abbreviations and odd alphanumeric combinations -- so they're easier to enter in a snap.

1 Activate Swype From a Text Box

2 Create a new text entry field

Create a new text entry field. For example, open your Messages app and create a new text message, or open your Email app and create a new outgoing message.

3 Long-press in the text box

Long-press in the text box, and then tap "Input Method" when the option appears.

4 Tap Swype

Tap "Swype" to switch your current keyboard to the Swype keyboard.

5 Activate Swype From the Settings App

6 Navigate to your Home screen

Navigate to your Home screen, and then tap the "Menu" button.

7 Tap Settings

Tap "Settings," and then select "Language & Keyboard."

8 Tap Input Method

Tap "Input Method," and then select "Swype."

  • To input a word into your Swype keyboard's memory, tap-type a word into any text entry field, and then press the spacebar.
  • You can also add more complex word combinations or phrase shortcuts -- for example, multi-hyphenated slang or full email addresses. Spell out the word or phrase, long-press, select the word or phrase in its entirety, and then tap the Swype key -- which bears the Swype icon and is to the left of the spacebar -- to add it.
  • The Swype keyboard with automatically place a space between words and a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence. You can manage these and other keyboard features -- for example, disabling the swipe trail or varying the speed of your swiping gesture -- within Swype's Advanced Options menu. Get there by pressing the "Menu" button from the Home screen, and then tapping "Settings | Language & Keyboard | Swype | Swype Advanced Settings."

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