How to Change a Habit

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Changing bad habits can make you a better person. Habits can hurt relationships and careers, and can create unnecessary stress. By making the decision to change those bad habits, you can start working on a whole new you; here's how.

  • Journal
  • Someone you trust

1 Write down the habit or habits

Write down the habit or habits you wish to change in a journal. Remember that this journal can be kept private, so no one has to know what you write. This helps you to see exactly what you want to change.

2 Talk with a friend or family member

Talk with a friend or family member. Ask them about the habit and how they feel about it. This will give you perspective on how your habits affect not only you but others as well.

3 Decide to change

Decide to change. This is the most crucial part of the process. Unless you are truly ready to change, you will be unable to follow through.

4 Use your journal

Use your journal and trusted friend or family member to help keep you motivated. Every time you feel as if you can’t change, write down why. On the heels of this journal entry, write down all the reasons why you can and should change. Also, talk with someone you trust to get you through the hard times.

5 Replace bad habits with new habits

Replace bad habits with new habits. Choose a new hobby or get more involved in existing hobbies. This will help change your habits by taking you away from the ones you’re trying to change.

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