How to Change the Boot Animation on a Droid Incredible

Install custom boot animations on rooted or stock devices.
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The Droid Incredible's stock boot animation displays a 3-D typographical texture composed of the smartphone's technical specifications. Changing the boot animation carries the risk that your phone can get stuck in a boot loop, in which case you must wipe its memory using the recovery image and losing your data. If your phone is rooted, you can install a boot animation manager to download animations and set them as default. If you don't have root-level access to the operating system, you can use a no-root animation installer, which requires downloading animations from an external website.

1 On a Rooted Droid Incredible

2 Open Google

Open Google Play on your device and download a boot animation manager, such as Boot Animations or Boot Animation Changer (links in Resources). Each of these programs includes a library of boot animations and enables you to overwrite your phone's boot splash partition from the application without using a computer.

3 Select a boot animation from the online library

Select a boot animation from the online library. In Boot Animation Changer, the library is displayed in the application sidebar. Tap “Server” to view the library in Boot Animations. Each library includes official Droid animations as well as many aftermarket alternatives.

4 Install to

Tap “Install” to overwrite the boot splash partition. The next time you restart your phone, the animation plays as your phone boots up.

5 On a Stock Droid Incredible

6 Visit Sendspace

Visit Sendspace from your phone's Web browser to download the LGOE boot animation changer for stock phones (link in Resources). As of February 2014, this program is the only no-root animation installer for the Droid Incredible.

7 Open Google-2

Open Google Play on your device and download a file manager, such as ES File Explorer or Android File Manager (links in Resources). These programs enable you to access files on your phone's hard drive without connecting it to a computer.

8 Open the Settings menu

Open the Settings menu, select “Applications” and tap “Unknown Sources” to enable installing software from alternative sources. You must select this option before installing the boot animation changer, but you can disable it after the installation to protect your phone from malicious software.

9 Open the file manager on your phone

Open the file manager on your phone, select “LGOE_BootAnimation-debug.apk” and tap “Install” when prompted. The installer checks your phone for libraries included with Ministro II and directs you to the Play Store to install this application if it isn't found. Tap “Install” to add Ministro II to your device. The LGOE application is added to your phone's All Apps screen, and you can open it by tapping its icon.

10 Visit a site such as Android Boot Animation

Visit a site such as Android Boot Animation or XDA Developers from your phone's Web browser to download a boot animation (links in Resources). To match the Droid Incredible's screen, choose the animation's “HDPI” option.

11 Open the LGOE application

Open the LGOE application and tap “Search” in the Boot Animation section. Select an animation ZIP file from your hard drive and tap “Apply” to overwrite the boot splash partition. The next time you restart your phone, the new boot animation plays.

  • The LGOE boot animation changer doesn't check the file you choose to replace your stock boot animation, so a corrupt or incompatible file can cause your phone to get stuck in a boot loop. To restore your phone to factory settings, turn it off by removing the battery, then replace the battery and hold down “Volume Up,” “Volume Down” and “Power” until the device enters recovery mode. Press “Volume Down” to highlight the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option and press “Power” to restore your phone. This process removes all your data from the hard drive and returns your boot splash screen to the stock animation.

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