Care Package Ideas for Guys

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Care packages are mailed presents that are most often sent to those who are away from home. Care packages can be a welcome gift for any son, husband, boyfriend or male friend who is away for a given amount of time. There are several popular ideas for guys’ care packages, including food, literature and games.

1 Food

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If you are creating a care package for a guy, a popular component is food. Snacks such as chips, candy, pretzels and peanuts are simple additions to any care package because they travel easily. Since these food items do not need to be refrigerated, they can be transported easily and will last for a significant amount of time. If you know that your care package will be arriving to its destination quickly, it is also possible to include fresh baked goods like cookies, brownies or cupcakes.

Food is also popular in seasonal or holiday care packages. Those who are sending a care package for Valentine’s Day can include candy hearts and chocolates in their care package. Those who are planning a Halloween care package can include candy corn and other sweets. Christmas and Easter are also popular holidays for edible care packages.

2 Literature

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Another popular item for a guy’s care package is literature. This can include books, magazines, newspapers or comic books. If you have books or novels that the guy will enjoy, you can add these to your care package. Popular magazines such as Time and Newsweek or your local newspaper can help your guy keep up-to-date on current events. This is especially beneficial if you are sending a care package to a member of the armed forces overseas. New and old comic books are also popular choices for care packages.

There are also several men’s magazines that your guy might like to read, such as Maxim and GQ. If you do decide to send magazines, they should have been published within the last few weeks.

3 Games

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Regardless of where your guy is, games can both keep him busy and stimulate his mind. Popular games for care packages include playing cards, dominoes, board games, poker chips and electronic hand-held games. Care package givers can also provide Frisbees and hacky sacks. For those guys who like puzzles, you might want to include crossword puzzles and Sudoku books into your care package. If your guy likes to play video games, add these into the care package you send.

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