Static electricity doesn't just deliver a painful shock -- it can also cause some seriously embarrassing fashion blunders. If your dress develops a static charge, it may bunch or ride up, revealing quite a bit more skin than you'd like. Static seems to come and go at will; but if you're prepared for it, you can quash static no matter where you are. By following a few easy tips, you'll deftly steer clear of a wardrobe malfunction.

Step 1

Dry your dress in the clothes dryer on the lowest heat setting for about 10 minutes. To keep static from building up in the dryer, toss in a damp washcloth, dryer sheets or a couple of dryer balls. Avoid this approach if your dress is made of wool, as drying can damage the fabric.

Step 2

Wear leather-soled shoes instead of rubber-soled varieties. Rubber accumulates static charges as you walk across the floor; leather soles do not.

Step 3

Dust your skin with baby powder, or apply a generous layer of moisturizer. Both of these products keep static from building up on your skin.

Step 4

Dampen your hands with water, then run them lightly over your dress. Water desensitizes static charges.

Step 5

Rub the dress with a dryer sheet to diffuse static electricity instantly.

Step 6

Fill a spray bottle with one part fabric conditioner and 30 parts water. Mist the dress when it feels like static is creeping up. Alternatively, a few spritzes of hairspray will do the trick.

Step 7

Slide a metal hanger between your body and the dress to eliminate the static charge. This works well for delicate fabrics, such as silk.