Adding an image to the description section of your Tumblr blog will make your page more dynamic and attractive. You can use the Edit HTML tool provided by the service to locate the code that adds the description box to your page and manually insert an image using HTML tags. The picture you add must be hosted online.

Step 1

Click on your blog's name in your Tumblr dashboard, select "Customize appearance" and click "Edit HTML" to open the source code editor tool.

Step 2

Press "Ctrl-F" and type "block:Description" (without quotes) in your browser's search box to locate the code corresponding to the description of your page.

Step 3

Add the image to the description box using the HTML img tag. For example, if your image is hosted at you would add the following line to the description block:

Step 4

Press "Save" to save your preferences and add your image to the Tumblr description box.