Tumblr's photoset feature enables you to upload photo galleries of up to 10 photos within your blog post. By default, Tumblr displays the photos with their original dimensions within your dashboard and on your blog, vertically, one after the other. However, you can re-arrange the images to display side-by-side in the gallery. Tumblr resizes and crops each image to display as a thumbnail that is the exact same height and width as the other images in that row.

Step 1

Select the blog to which you want to post the photos from the drop-down menu on your dashboard.

Step 2

Click the "Photo" icon on your dashboard to create a photo post.

Step 3

Click the photo icon with the plus-sign to browse the contents of your hard drive. Double-click the first image you want to upload to the post. Tumblr automatically uploads the full-sized image.

Step 4

Click "Upload Another Photo" and double-click the second image file to upload it to the post. Repeat this step for up to 10 total images in the post.

Step 5

Click and hold your cursor over the second image. Drag it up next to the first image so that a blue bar displays next to it. You can position the second image either to the left or to the right of the first.

Step 6

Release your mouse button to drop the second image next to the first. The image sizes automatically adjust so that both images display with the same dimensions side-by-side.

Step 7

Drag and drop all of the post's images so that they display as a gallery of equal-sized thumbnails. Tumblr allows you to create rows of either two or three images, so you can drag, drop and re-arrange the images in whatever order you prefer in your gallery.

Step 8

Add any text and tags in the post form that you desire, and then click the "Post" button to publish the image gallery to your blog as a new post.