Can Google Calendar Integrate With Outlook?

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Integrating your Google Calendar with Outlook 2013 allows you to control your online calendar events through the Outlook interface. Google discontinued support for its Calendar Sync product in 2013, but as of February 2014 still allows you to integrate Outlook through its paid-for Google Apps Sync product. Alternatively, you can add your Google calendar to Outlook directly, although this method does not provide true real-time syncing.

1 Outlook's Internet Calendars Function

Outlook offers some native support for online calendar accounts such as Google Calendar. The software's Internet Calendars function allows you to sync the contents of your calendar with Outlook; Outlook then periodically checks with Google for calendar updates. However, this function only offers one-way syncing, and any calendar events you sync using Internet Calendars are locked, meaning that you cannot use Outlook to make any changes to events synced from your Google Calendar.

2 Syncing With Outlook

To add your Google Calendar to Outlook through the Internet Calendars function, you need the calendar’s ICAL address. To find your calendar's ICAL, sign in to the Google Calendar website, hover your cursor over the name of your calendar, click the drop-down arrow, and then select “Calendar Settings.” Click the “ICAL” button in the Private Address section, and then copy the resulting link. To add your calendar, open Outlook, and then click “File | Info | Account Settings | Internet Calendars.” Click the “New” button, and then follow the on-screen instructions to set up your calendar.

3 Google Apps Sync

Google Apps Sync offers full syncing functionality between Google products and Outlook. Apps Sync is an Outlook plugin, meaning that it extends the capabilities of Outlook rather than acting as a standalone piece of software. However, Apps Sync is part of the Google Apps suite, a paid-for set of tools aimed at business users who want to run their own, customized versions of Google's products. As such, you can only use Apps Sync with calendars running on Google's business calendar service, rather than the free calendar available through Google's site.

4 Third-Party Solutions

Some third-party vendors offer software that integrates Google Calendar and Outlook. One example is gSyncIt, an Outlook plugin that manages syncing between Google and Outlook (see Resources). Although gSyncIt only offers one-way syncing, its main advantage over Outlook's Internet Calendars function is that events synced with gSyncIt remain editable in Outlook. Alternatively, you can use SynqYa, which requires you to sign up for a separate SynqYa account but offers full two-way syncing between Outlook and Google (see Resources).

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