Getting into medical school is very tough. Every potential candidate for medical college in the United States is required to take the Medical College Admission Test. The exam can be taken in many places around the world, and scheduling a test date can be done easily online. If you have scheduled a date and wish to cancel, then you can also do this through the scheduling site used to register.

Step 1

Cancel at least 14 days prior to your test date if you wish to receive a full refund of $120, or $85 if you are receiving fee assistance. You will lose your registration fee if canceling after 14 days.

Step 2

Log in to the MCAT Scheduling and Registration website to cancel your test date. This is the only way to cancel appointments and is done through the account you used to register.

Step 3

Click the "How to cancel" link and follow the instructions.

Step 4

Canceling less than 48 hours prior to your test date is not possible. In this case, if you still do not wish to take the test, then you should be absent on the test day. Your absence will not go on your record and you will retain this additional test date out of the three you are allotted each testing year.

Step 5

After canceling, you will have to wait 48 hours past your initial test date before you can reschedule.