Every high school has different requirements that students must meet to graduate. While these requirements differ, every high school mandates that students complete a certain number of credits in various subjects. Many students worry about fulfilling the necessary credits, and do not know how to calculate how many credits they have earned. But calculating the credits you have earned for a requirement in high school is simple, and can be easily computed by looking at your high school transcript.

Step 1

Ask your guidance counselor for a copy of your transcript. The transcript will show all your grades in various classes.

Step 2

Find all the classes you have passed for a specific requirement (such as foreign language, for example). Each class will have the number of credits it is worth next to it.

Step 3

Add together all the credits for all classes passed in a particular requirement. For example, if your high school has a foreign language requirement and you have passed four foreign language courses that are each worth 3 credits, you have earned 12 foreign language credits. Repeat this process for each requirement, and make sure you are on track to complete all your requirements by the time you graduate.