Personal class average is important for you to determine how well you are performing in a class. In a job, an employee receives a paycheck for his work; in school, a student receives a grade for his work. Grades also have an impact on a student's future and placement in college.

Classify assignments based on the teacher's grading method. Usually teachers assign different weight to different assignments, such as tests, homework, participation and projects.

Find the average grade for each type of assignment. For example, if a student received a 95, 94 and 90 on three tests, each out of 100 points, then the student's average test grade was 93 (95 plus 94 plus 90, divided by 3).

Multiply the average grade of the type of assignment by the assigned weight of the grade. For example, if the student's test grades are worth 60 percent of the student's class average, then 93 times 60 percent equals 55.8.

Sum the weighted amount of each assignment type to calculate class average. In the example, if the student's other weighted grades were 20 for class participation, 6 for class projects and 6 for class quizzes, then 55.8 plus 20 plus 6 plus 6 equals a class average of 87.8.