Getting a blue verification check mark on your Twitter profile can be a difficult or even impossible task. Twitter normally reserves the badge for celebrities, members of the political and business elite, and others who are at a high risk of impersonation. Twitter doesn't accept requests for verification -- it's basically a "don't call us, we'll call you" situation. Once you qualify, you get a tweet from Twitter's verification team. If you think you already qualify, your best chance of getting that tweet is to get noticed by Twitter.

How to Get Noticed

There are no hard-and-fast rules for getting noticed. Twitter says your number of followers is not a factor, although it can't hurt to have a big following that includes a lot of people who are already verified. One thing you should definitely do is self-verify your Twitter account by placing an official Twitter badge on your website or blog. It also can't hurt to keep your tweets engaging and interesting, something Twitter encourages for those already verified. You can also try a tweeting campaign to "@verified", Twitter's verification team address, but your your tweets will be among thousands of other requests.