Being funny can help you win a girl over, but there are also many other factors to consider. Scientific studies have looked into how and why females are attracted to funny people. Understand what humor represents and look at how females specifically value humor compared to males, so that you can understand how to use your humor to attract your future girlfriend.

Funny Is Attractive

A sense of humor is often listed as a desirable quality in a romantic partner. Researchers found that people who have a sense of humor are more attractive to others. In the study, “Effect of Humor on Interpersonal Attraction and Mate Selection,” published in “The Journal of Psychology” in 2009, people who were perceived as having no sense of humor did not rate as high when marked on attractiveness. If you have a few jokes up your sleeve, don't be afraid to use them; it can make a difference in how a girl perceives you.

Role of Humor in Attraction

Beneath the jokes and the laughter are other desirable traits. The journal article "Humor Ability Reveals Intelligence, Predicts Mating Success, and Is Higher in Males," published in "Intelligence" in 2011, revealed some of the scientific reasons why females are attracted to funny guys. Women perceive men with a sense of humor as having good genes and being suitable mates to have children with. This is because humor is seen as an indicator of intelligence, creativity and mental health, assert the researchers. So whether your jokes are witty or goofy, a girl may see them as signs that you are a clever and skillful person.

Male vs. Female Values

Although humor plays a part in attraction for both males and females, the genders see humor differently. The study "Production and Appreciation of Humor as Sexually Selected Traits," published in "Evolution and Human Behavior" in 2006, looked at the ways humor attracts men and women. Researchers found that women like men who make them laugh, while men mostly prefer women who laugh at their jokes. So if she cracks a joke, don't hesitate to laugh -- but try your best to get a giggle out of her.

Type of Humor

You may have a sense of humor, but the girl you are interested in may not share your definition of "funny." To discover the type of humor men and women prefer, eHarmony conducted a poll led by personality social psychologist Gian Gonzaga. While male respondents preferred a sarcastic woman, female respondents looked for dry humor from a man. According to Gonzaga, males were attracted to females who possessed a "male sense of humor" and females were attracted to males with humor perceived as "female humor." Sarcastic, childish or geeky jokes were thought to be a male's sense of humor, and sarcastic or dry jokes were perceived to be a female's sense of humor. You don't have to change your type of humor if it doesn't come naturally to you, but be aware that your sense of humor may not line up with hers.