An informative essay provides detail about a topic without expressing the author's opinion. The essay should provide a broad overview, including the positive and negative points the essay will discuss. In addition, the informative essay should have a clear purpose and present information that is useful for the chosen audience. The introduction of the informative essay is especially important because it captures the audience's attention and encourages them to keep reading.


An anecdote is a short story or vignette that leads into the informative topic of your paper. The story can be a real situation that happened to you, it can be a story retold from a news account or from literature, or it can be a made up situation that illuminates the topic of the paper.

Surprising Fact or Statement

A surprising fact or statement can be another effective way to begin an informative essay. The statement can be surprising for many reasons: because it is disgusting or disturbing, because it is unexpected, or even because the wording or language used is surprising.

Vivid Description

A vivid description uses words to paint an interesting picture for the audience and helps to draw interest about your informative topic. There are several methods for using the vivid picture technique for an introduction. One way is to describe a detailed image of a place, scene or person relevant to your topic.


A quotation from a famous person or from an authority on your topic can also help to capture the audience's interest about an informative topic. Many people enjoy hearing about what celebrities and notable historical figures did or said.