The valedictorian of a graduating class is the student with the highest Grade Point Average (GPA). If you attend a school that does not use the GPA format, ask your school adviser. Use these steps to learn how to become your school's valedictorian, even if you already are the top student.

Talk to your guidance counselor about your desire to be valedictorian. Your counselor can target the areas you need to improve and help you move to the next level.

Tell your parents of your desires. They can help you study and maintain a productive study and homework environment.

Pay attention in class and take good notes. Good note taking has been a key for successful college students, and high school is a great time to get into the habit of taking clear and concise notes.

Develop solid study habits, including setting aside study time every evening.

Complete all your homework, classwork and tests at a superior level. This comes from studying those great notes you took in class. It can also come from additional research you do on various subjects. This additional research could also lead to positive attention from your teachers and even work into extra credit assignments. Most valedictorians lead their classes in extra credit.

Get involved in your school clubs and activities. While this may not directly raise your GPA, it will associate you with students who have the same goals. You can also use each other as study partners.

Keep working hard. If you have an off day or even a couple of sick days, make up the work as soon as possible.