How to Become More Intelligent

Reading increases verbal and linguistic abilities.

Becoming more intelligent is a matter of perspective because there are many types of intelligence. From emotional intelligence to intellectual ability, psychologists outline an array of characteristics that make a person intelligent. Despite these various types, there are a few things you can do to help increase your overall intelligence in a variety of areas.

Read often to increase your knowledge of words, grammar, narratives and information. In the course of reading, you will encounter words you do not know. Looking these up can expand your vocabulary.

Explain concepts to others, which will help reinforce your own knowledge of them. For example, if you just read a book about car mechanics, then you should explain your findings to someone else. This will help you solidify your learning.

Study a particular subject until you master it. It is good to have well-rounded knowledge about many things, but having a lot of specific knowledge about one thing can help you become an expert on a topic. For example, if you really like poetry, make a point to read all of the works of a particular poet.

Exercise frequently, which will make your body better able to learn (see Reference 3). Exercise can increase your metabolism and mental function, which can help you absorb information more readily.

Reflect on the things that you've learned. Take time to review new facts you've learned, and feel free to explain your findings to others. This will help you move things from your short-term memory into your long-term memory, which will increase your overall intelligence.