People have many personality traits. Some are good, some are bad, and some fall into both categories. To be inquisitive is one that falls into both categories. In order to learn you must be inquisitive yet sometimes being inquisitive can turn into nosiness. The trick is to learn to be inquisitive without being intrusive.

Ask questions whenever you feel it is necessary. You need to know what you are getting involved in and the only way to do this is to ask questions.

Understand what you are learning. In order to learn you need to be inquisitive. If you accept everything that you are told without question, you will never grow into the person you are meant to be. You must be able to inquire into all matters to get the best information on everything you are learning.

Learn the difference between being inquisitive and being nosey. There is a fine line to be drawn here. Inquiring if you are going to be a grandparent can be considered being nosey, however you may want to prepare for your grandchildren and therefore think you are only being inquisitive. The best way to determine the difference between being inquisitive and being nosy is if it's personal--you're probably being nosy--if it's impersonal--inquisitive.

Take a course to learn how to be inquisitive.

Play games to teach children how to be inquisitive. Children are naturally inquisitive--they try to understand everything and are curious how things work. You should not hamper this trait, but enhance it. Teaching children the right way to be inquisitive is important in raising children to be inquisitive, but not nosy adults.

Plan for success. Many people believe that without being inquisitive they cannot be successful. Therefore, learn the ins and outs of asking your questions so they are inquisitive but not intrusive, and success will come easier to you.