Becoming a better student helps your academic career regardless of whether you're an elementary school student or re-entering school after years away. Good students have good study habits, both at home and in the classroom. By creating a healthy set of habits, you're ready for academic success and also know when you need help. Become a better student by using a few tips and tricks.

Step 1

Be prepared for class. Read assigned materials in advance of lectures to ask pertinent questions.

Step 2

Attend every class. You can't do well if you don't go to all lectures, study sessions and labs.

Step 3

Write clearly and take extensive notes. Make your work easy to read for both yourself and your instructor. Take notes in class that are legible and add notes from your reading.

Step 4

Sit up front. This minimizes distractions and ensures you can see the professor or teacher clearly.

Step 5

Stay up to date. Science and math courses, in particular, build on what you know. Maintain your schoolwork and homework according to the teacher's schedule to avoid falling behind and getting lost in lectures and labs.

Step 6

Participate in class. Insightful questions show that you have given thought to the material being discussed. Think about what is being said in class and what you read -- don't just memorize the information given to you.

Step 7

Keep regular hours for study. This not only sets a good habit, but also helps determine when you have fun, making it easier to focus on your studies. It also makes time for catch-up or additional projects, should your schedule become impacted.


  • Don't be the teacher's pet. Just because you want to be a better student or get a better grade doesn't mean you have to play up to the teacher. Many instructors are turned off by that.