The Voice Memo app is a default feature of iOS. You can record and store short audio clips on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using the Voice Memo app. Use voice memos to record shopping lists, classroom instruction, notes to self and other information. You can back up your voice memos by syncing them to your computer with iTunes. Disable automatic syncing in the iTunes Summary screen before connecting the device to your computer when you are ready to back up your voice memos.

Step 1

Connect the iOS device to your computer with the USB data cable, then launch iTunes.

Step 2

Click the “Device” option, then click the name of the iOS device to register the device in the iTunes app.

Step 3

Click the “Voice Memos” entry for the device in the Devices section of the left sidebar. The Voice Memos sync screen for the device opens.

Step 4

Click the “Sync” button to back up the voice memos to iTunes. Once the memos are backed up and listed in the Voice Memos screen, right-click a memo, then click “Play” to listen to the recording in iTunes.