The Average Cost of Brick Veneer Siding

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Brick veneer siding is some of the most expensive types of siding on the market. Despite the hefty price tag linked with brick siding installation, there are several benefits associated with it.

1 Cost

According to the associates at Luxury Housing Trends, brick siding can cost the consumer anywhere between $6 and $12 per square foot for a professional installation.

2 Maintenance

Brick siding is considered to be a very low-maintenance siding option. Over its rated life, brick siding will incur very little, if any, costs in the way of maintenance.

3 Repair

It is rare but not completely out of the question that brick siding will crack. Having a mason come over to repair cracks can be costly but is completely necessary for brick siding to maintain its effectiveness.

4 Benefits

Consumers who opt to have brick siding installed enjoy certain benefits that offset the hefty price tag. According to Luxury Housing Trends, brick siding will not burn, rot or fade from sunlight exposure. Brick siding provides sound insulation and thermal insulation.

5 Installation

According to, because of the complexities involved in brick veneer siding installation projects, brick siding should be installed by qualified professionals only. Professional installation is one of the biggest contributing factors to brick siding's high price tag.