Instagram apps that analyze your account data, such as Unfollowgram, GramGrab and FollowGram, require access to your Instagram account. To allow an application to access your account, you must authorize the application on the Instagram platform. Generally, the process of authorizing an app simply requires you to log in to Instagram and click an icon from the app's main page. Once you authorize an app on the platform, it is listed in the Manage Access section of the Instagram Manage Account tool. You can also revoke this access at any time.

Step 1

Open the product page for the app to authorize, and then click the “Sign In with Instagram” or similar icon.

Step 2

Type your Instagram username and password, and then click “Sign In” if your are not already logged in to the platform. Once you are logged in, the Instagram Authorization Request form opens.

Step 3

Review the data access that the app will have. To grant access to the app, click the “Authorize” icon. The app is authorized by your account on the Instagram platform, and an entry is created in the Manage Access page for the app.