Modern nursing requires intelligence, skill and strong character. Consider how you demonstrate these qualities as you think about your application.

Achieve at least a high school diploma or its equivalent (the GED).

Take high school courses that offer a strong preparation in math and the sciences. This sort of concentration is preferred by most nursing schools.

Take the SAT, ACT or, for non-native speakers of English, the TOEFL.

Research the nursing schools you're interested in and request an application. Keep in mind that some institutions require the completion of certain prerequisite courses before admission to the nursing program.

Submit your high school transcripts along with the finished application. (The minimum required GPA for most nursing schools ranges from 2.0 to 3.0.)

Include a written essay that describes why you wish to become a nurse and outlines your career goals.

Gather and submit the number of letters of recommendation that your application requires.


  • Some institutions require separate applications for the institution and its school of nursing.


  • Application deadlines vary. Start the application process early to meet deadlines.

  • Many institutions will require personal interviews and application fees. Contact individual admissions offices for specific application requirements.