Do Apartment Complexes Pay for Pest Control?

Your lease agreement may specify who is responsible for pest control.
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Renting an apartment can have a number of advantages for younger people. For example, you're usually not responsible for taking care of the lawn during the summer or snow removal in winter. In addition, your landlord is usually responsible for maintaining the appliances installed in your apartment, so if the furnace or refrigerator breaks down, it's up to her to fix it. Pest control, however, can be a gray area in some rental agreements.

1 Safe and Habitable

Landlords are generally required to provide a safe and habitable living environment for tenants, and that includes dealing with pests -- especially dangerous ones like wasps. As a result, reputable owners will usually have exterminators come through on a regular basis. It's part of their operating expenses, and should therefore be included in your rent. That said, you also have to do your part to keep pests under control. Keeping your apartment clean will make it less likely that pests like ants and mice will become a problem in the first place.

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