AT&T includes “Anytime Minutes” on most of its calling plans, but their definition is a bit more complicated than the name implies. Anytime Minutes are the minutes your calling plan uses when you make a call that isn’t covered by other minutes in your plan. If your plan also contains “Nights & Weekend Minutes,” then calls you make at night or on the weekend will draw from this minutes package.

Exceeding Minutes

To save yourself money on overage fees, it is important to know how your minutes are used when you exceed an allotment. If you use up your Nights & Weekend minutes but then make another call during the night or on a weekend, AT&T will pull minutes from your Anytime Minutes. Pulling from your Anytime Minutes will not cost you an additional fee. However, if you use up your Anytime Minutes and call during a time not covered by your other minutes package, such as placing a call at noon on a Monday, then AT&T will charge you per airtime minute for that call.