What Is Another Name for the Roaring Twenties?

Young women enjoyed looser social controls during this time, even in spite of Prohibition.
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In the 1920s, a strong economy and widespread prosperity meant a lot of fun and good times for a rapidly-growing urban population. Those conditions gave the decade the name "The Roaring Twenties," though the decade is also known by a few other names that speak to the changes and the culture of the time.

1 Music, Dancing and Booze

The 20s are best known for the growing popularity of jazz music and the advent of Prohibition. As such, the decade might also be known as the era of Prohibition, and the Jazz Age. The 18th Amendment, in effect in January 1920, prohibited the sale or manufacture of alcoholic beverages -- leading to the rise of underground speakeasies filled with drinking, music and dancing. Often, the music heard in those clubs was jazz. Flappers were frequent visitors to the clubs, who wore their hair short and drank and smoked -- unlike other women of the time. With that in mind, the decade could also be known as the time of the flapper.

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