You can configure your Samsung Galaxy S3 to announce the identities of callers and senders of text messages with a vocal notification. Configure the Caller ID Readout feature on your Galaxy S3 to read out loud the caller ID of incoming calls and messages. The Galaxy will then announce each caller’s identity with a vocal alert when the call or message is received on the device.

Caller ID Readout

Caller ID Readout can be enabled on the Galaxy S3 by turning on the “Driving Mode” feature. To enable Driving Mode, open the “Settings” app, then tap the “Language & Keyboard” tab. In the Language & Keyboard screen, tap the “Text-to-Speech” tab. In the Text-to-Speech screen, slide the “Driving Mode” switch to “On.” Caller ID Readout is now enabled, and your incoming calls and text messages will be announced until Driving Mode is deactivated.