The study of biology can have a multitude of aims and objectives. Largely, it is studied to allow a person to enter a specific field of employment. Other aims for studying biology are intellectual, ethical and pragmatic: to increase knowledge about all aspects of organisms, to encourage greater benevolence in the relationship between humans and the natural environment and to implement biological factors into various technologies or management techniques.

Understanding Living Systems and Critical Thinking

The study of biology aims to increase understanding of living systems and to allow you to consider the systems in relationship to the self and other organisms in the natural environment. The goal is to be able to test theories developed about living things by utilizing the scientific method and then to apply the new information in a beneficial way.

Field Biology, Health Care and Education

Biology has many applications, both in the natural environment and the environment of health and education. Studying biology allows health care workers to understand the living systems of the body and to apply the knowledge in direct ways to recover and maintain the physical health of both animal and human patients. Educators rely on biology to teach the study of life to future generations. Field biologists use biology to understand relationships between living organisms and to notice what's beneficial and what is imbalanced and dangerous.


Studying biology prepares you for a career working in either an educational institution or an industry in which you can be directly involved in the research and development of drugs, food-related items and biotechnology. Also, by studying biology you can become qualified to work for the government in managing such things as environmental research of animals, river systems or biological waste.

Computers, Business and Communicaitons

Another objective of studying biology is to be able to integrate the fields of technology, law and business with various aspects of biology. Also, by studying biology you learn many of the skills needed to succeed in business and communications, like problem solving and project management. Biology is integrated into computers with bio-informatics and is a part of communications and business with environmental law and eco-products.