Adding narration to your video by recording your voice directly into your video editing program or by recording a separate audio file. Before you begin, make sure you are in an environment appropriate for recording and that your equipment is working correctly. You can also consider recording separate audio files instead of one long file to give you greater control over the editing process when you're putting everything together.

Record Separate Audio Track

If you already have the video you want to narrate over, record your narration into a separate audio program as you watch the video. Using a separate program lets you record, erase, cut and edit the audio without having any effect on the video track. Dedicated audio programs may have more audio editing options than a video editing program; this flexibility can help you fix your sound files more effectively, then let you export your files to use in your video.

Record Inside Editing Program

Some video editing programs let you create new audio tracks you can then record your voice into. With this method you can record your narration into the program as you watch the video and won't need to import a separate file. Not all programs will have this option; if yours does, check your microphone and audio settings to make sure the correct hardware is being detected, especially if you haven't used this feature before.

Recording Your Narration

To save yourself some time, consider writing yourself a script or outline for what you'd like to say during the video. To help you figure out when you need to say certain things, go through the video and make notes of different time stamps. You can also record several short audio files instead of one long file; this way, you can edit sections of your audio without cutting the entire track. Record a test file and play it back to make sure everything sounds okay; this testing can tell you if your audio is too loud or quiet, if it is only coming out of one speaker or if you need to change your recording location.

Editing Tips

If you chose only to record one long audio file, split the file into different sections before doing your fine tuning. This segmentation streamlines the movement of certain sections of audio without moving the entire track. If you don't mute the video you are narrating over, use several audio tracks improve control over individual volume levels. Don't have two audio tracks playing together at similar volume levels or it will be difficult to understand your commentary.