Actuaries are professionals who use analytical mathematics and business skills to manage risk in environments such as insurance companies. The Society of Actuaries regards a number of universities as "Centers of Actuarial Excellence" based on certain requirements, including an identifiable actuarial major or track, specific curriculum standards, number of graduates per year, sufficient faculty and employability of graduates. The programs at these schools are in the category of "Undergraduate -- Advanced," which is the highest designation available for undergraduate programs, and means that the curriculum covers all topics on first two accreditation exams in addition to 12 semester hours of topics on the third and fourth exams.

Drake University

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Drake University's actuarial science programs prepares students to take the first five accreditation exams. According to the program website, most students are prepared to take their first exam by the middle of their sophomore year. The courses are all taught by actuaries and combine math and statistics with a business foundation, which helps employability. Students are also encouraged to participate in internships and networking opportunities during their college years. The department has its own career counselor and hosts an annual actuarial science career fair.

Georgia State University

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Undergraduates at Georgia State University can receive a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in actuarial science. The curriculum prepares students for leadership positions in the actuarial world. The department has a diverse student body, with a large portion of international students. The program boasts its professional alumni network, which assists students seeking jobs and internships. In addition, students are also able to complete a five-year dual-degree program, which offers both bachelor's and master's degrees in actuarial science degrees.

University of Connecticut

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The actuarial science program at the University of Connecticut is the only Center of Actuarial Excellence in the Northeast. In addition, through the New England Regional Student Program, undergraduate actuarial students from all over New England can come to the University of Connecticut with a tuition reduction. The objective of the undergraduate program is for students to pass at least two accreditation exams before graduation. It also arranges on-campus interviews for jobs and internships, and the actuarial fraternity, Gamma Iota Sigma, holds an actuarial career fair each fall, where over 30 companies visit to speak with students.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Students in the actuarial program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln may complete either a major in actuarial science in the College of Business Administration or in the College of Arts & Science. High-performing students may also complete an actuarial science major in the Raikes School of Computer Science and Management. The program also offers extra exam preparation courses for accreditation examinations and has an external actuarial advisory group. On average, over 20 students per year participate in the summer internship program.