The prom is one of the biggest events of the school year. Each year, the senior class works to create the best prom ever. Besides the dance sponsored by the school, many students also participate in other activities throughout the night. These activities can help the students enjoy their special night even more.


Some prom dates start earlier in the afternoon to fit in dinner before the big dance. Some prom couples go out to dinner on their own at a fancier restaurant, while others dine in larger groups at a chain restaurant. Some schools will even offer dinner as part of the prom package, which allows students to dine without making elaborate plans or spending more money. However, if a couple chooses to eat at a restaurant, reservations are recommended to ensure getting a table in time to make it to the dance.


Many schools hire a photographer to take professional pictures at the dance. Larger schools sometimes offer several photographers to help speed up the process. Couples are able to pose together and purchase a keepsake to help them remember this special night. Group pictures may also be taken. Most schools require that students purchase their own picture packages directly from the photographer, while some schools will include a small picture package as a part of the prom ticket.

After-Prom Party

Students who wish to attend an after-prom party usually have several different options to choose from. Some parents will allow their child to throw a party in their home for friends. A school-sponsored program may also be an option for some schools. Some parents will help their child to rent a hall or other venue to throw an after-prom party as well. Regardless of where the after-prom parties are held, strict rules should be enforced, especially with regard to drinking and admission policies.

Late-Night Bowling

Some bowling alleys offer late-night bowling options on the weekends. This offers an alternative to the typical after-prom parties and allows the students to have fun bowling in their prom clothes. The bowling alleys will generally lower the lights and turn on black lights that make the pins at the end of the lane glow. Some bowling alleys will also use fluorescent-colored pins. The alley generally charges one fee for the whole night and students can continue bowling until as late as 2:00 a.m.