The abundance of information available online and the lack of protection against cheating make it unwise for standardized test administrators to allow official testing to be done online and outside of the regular testing facility. Further, part of the challenge in standardized tests such as the SAT, LSAT, GRE and ACT is enduring the mental marathon of the exam. While the ACT can't be officially taken online, there are practice tests and prep courses available via the internet. ACT Online Prep, the official online course, uses two practice tests with actual questions from the ACT.

Register with the official ACT exam website. Once registered, select "Test Prep" from the top menu and then select "ACT Online Prep."

Review the system requirements before purchasing the online test. To make the purchase you must provide a valid shipping address. Once the purchase goes through, an email is sent to confirm the purchase and you will be prompted to provide your login information.

Log in to ACT Online Prep. Features include: A virtual Visitor Center for orientation and frequently asked questions, a Testing Center for tests and test-taking strategies, diagnostic exams for study guides and a full practice test.

Visiting the Testing Center: In the ACT Online Prep course the Testing Center is where all tests, diagnostic or practice, are administered. Diagnostic tests are shortened version of the ACT targeted to a single area.

Take the practice test. You can choose to take it timed or un-timed, although to best simulate the conditions of test day it should be done timed and with only the items allowed by the official examination rules. Writing test practice is also available through a prompt. Once completed, the test is immediately scored and the preparation program recommends a path for studying before the actual test.