Knowing how to check and use your parent's Government Issue (GI) Bill for college can make the difference between paying your way through college and having your parent's GI Bill go to waste. A law signed in July 2008, stated that GI Bills, post September 11th, offers a new set of specific benefits. One of the primary benefits is that the new GI Bill offers up to 100 percent tuition and fee coverage in college.

Check to see if your parents are on active duty as of August 1, 2009. You can verify your parent's first day of active duty by checking the documentation that they signed when they enlisted. The date will be located at the bottom of the page near your parent's signature. Your parent would have to have served three years or more since Sept 10, 2001.

Check to see if your parents have retired before August 1, 2009. You can verify your parent's retirement date by checking the DMDC website and log in to your military account. You can only access this account through your parents, because it is highly restricted.

Check your parent's documents that were signed when they enlisted. In a few specialized cases, military recruiters might have placed a clause in the documents that stated that your parents can transfer their G.I. Bill benefits to pay their students college tuition. Military branches, such as the Army and Navy placed this clause in the document, because some occupational specialties were shorthanded. For example, it the Army or Navy desperately needed a doctor, they would give the potential military doctor a G.I. Bill transfer incentive.

Fill out the "Application for Family Member To Use Transferred Benefits" form by providing your personal information and your military parent's personal information. You will need names, social security numbers, addresses, the name of your college, the name of the benefit that will be transferred and your parents signature. Send the application, via mail, to the eastern, central, western or southern regional offices. Each address, along with the form, can be found on the Department of Veterans Affairs website.

Wait for the Department of Veterans Affairs to grant your request. Contact and visit your admissions office and tell them that you would like to use your parent's G.I. Bill as a form of tuition payment. The admissions office will need documentation proof that the G.I. Bill was issued after August 1, 2009 or that there is a clause in your parent's document claiming that your parent's can transfer their G.I. Bill to pay your college funds. In addition, they will need the document verifying that the Department of Veterans Affairs granted your request.