Sport Related College Degrees

by Michael Wolfe

The practice of sports is a not just a game---it's also a business and a field of academic study. Many colleges and universities offer undergraduate and graduate sport related degrees, many of which focus on the financial aspect of the contests, including the science, management and marketing of sports teams and individual athletes.

Sports Management

Sports management degrees involve a broad education in the business and organization of athletes, teams and sports-related organizations. Holders of this degree usually take general business classes, as well as sports-specific courses.

Sports Marketing

Sports marketing focuses on the marketing and promotion of sports. Marketing takes into account all types of communication relating to teams and players, including advertisements, public relations and media positioning.

Sports Coaching

Coaching offers an overview of the methods and strategies used in the coaching of professional athletes. Good programs provide both an understanding of the rules and mechanics of the games as well as the psychology of players.

Sports Science

Sports science is a field that attempts to offer empirical measurements and quantification of sports. This can involve looking both at the statistics commonly applied to various sports and also at some of the biological, sociological and political processes involved in competition.


Kinesthesiology is a study of movement of the body. Few domains offer as strong an insight into the body's strengths and limitations as sports, making it a prime research subject for kinesthesiologists.

Fitness and Nutrition

For athletes to function their best, they must be aware of the conditions under which their body is healthiest. Many professional organizations employ fitness and nutrition experts who consult with athletes on ways to use diet and exercise to improve their performance.

Sports Psychology

Athletes must not just develop and maintain their physical strength and agility, but their mental toughness, as well. Sports psychologists study the mental processes of athletes, investigating strategies that players use to compete and some of the stresses to which they often find themselves subjected.

Sports Law

Sports law focuses on laws related to sports. This includes contracts, employment and media. Sports law can be offered as an undergraduate degree, but to practice it, holders must also attain a professional law degree.

Sports Journalism

Many colleges offer journalism degrees with sports concentrations. This involves reporting and informed analysis of sporting events and competitors, in both print and broadcast media.

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