How Do I Get an Average Using Microsoft Excel?

by Matthew Todd, Demand Media

Microsoft Excel's formula functions handle a variety of calculations. One of the most common is determining an average. You can determine the average of the values in any range of cells in your spreadsheet using the Average function.

Using the Average Function

The basic formula for finding an average in Excel is "=AVERAGE(number1,number2,...)". You can place up to thirty numeric arguments within the parentheses. To select a cell or range of cells you can either type them in by hand or click the cells with your mouse after typing "=AVERAGE(" into the cell. Press "Enter" after you have completed your argument list and the output is displayed.

Alternative Averages

Use of the Average function always returns the arithmetic mean. To determine the median, use the Median function and for the mode, use Mode. The input method is the same.

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