How do I Find the Results of the NCLEX Exam?

by Erica Loop

According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an estimated 3.2 million total positions open to registered nurses by the year 2018. Individuals interested in entering this exciting health care profession must first graduate from an approved nursing school or college and pass the NCLEX examination. The NCLEX, or the National Council Licensure Examination, is a requirement for all state systems of nursing licensure. After studying for and taking this standardized test, there are several steps that students must take to determine the results.

Post NCLEX Exam Steps

Directly following test completion your NCLEX examination will be scored two times. The first score will be made via computer directly at your testing center. The second will be made at Pearson VUE, a private testing company that administers the exam.

Your results will be transmitted to your state board of nursing either electronically or by U.S. mail.

Individual state boards of nursing make the decision about how to provide students with their official scored test results.

Finding Your NCLEX Quick Results

Wait at least 48 hours after you have taken the NCLEX examination.

Log on to Pearson VUE's NCLEX website for quick results. These are unofficial scores.

Click on My Account. Provide your user name and password.

Pay the quick results fee by credit card.

Finding Official Results for the NCLEX Exam

Wait approximately one month following your test-taking date.

Official NCLEX scores will be mailed to you from your specific state board of nursing.

Check your mail frequently for the official results.


  • If you do not have access to a computer, you may get your quick results by calling 900-776-2539.


  • You should never call Pearson VUE or your state board of nursing for official results. Official results cannot be given via phone.
  • Do not ask the test center administrator for your test results. Although tests are scored by computer at the testing site, in-person test results are not given to any student.
  • Not all jurisdictions participate in the quick results system. Students should check with Pearson VUE to ensure that their state uses the quick results system.

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