How to Restate a Hypothesis

by Sarah Meem

When writing a lab report, it becomes necessary sometimes to restate your hypothesis in the report's conclusion. A hypothesis is an educated explanation that is made with limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. Write a hypothesis before beginning the experiment. When restating your hypothesis, do not reiterate it word for word. Instead, indicate that the hypothesis has already been introduced in the beginning of the report.

Restatement Method One

Find the original hypothesis statement in your scientific paper.

Add the words, "As indicated earlier, the hypothesis is" to the beginning of the hypothesis statement.

Rewrite the hypothesis statement to include the new beginning phrase.

Restatement Method Two

Determine the original hypothesis statement in your scientific paper.

Add the phrase, "As we had estimated in our hypothesis, (insert hypothesis here), the experiment..."

Reword the hypothesis in the sentence as a non-essential clause that explains "hypothesis."

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