When a friend or relative is getting married for the second time, you want to celebrate the couple. Those who have already been married, though, are likely to have many of the items that would be on a typical bridal registry. According to Emily Post's "Etiquette Daily," gifts for a second marriage are not always required. Many couples choose to forgo gifts entirely, passing this fact around through word of mouth. However, you may still give a gift if you want.

Choosing a Proper Gift

If you do decide that you want to give the couple a gift, money can help defray the costs associated with the reception you attended. Beyond that, steer away from household items that the couple is likely to already have. Unique household items, such as an ornamental sundial with the couples' names engraved, or new bedsheets to "start afresh," might work. Alternatively, you could give something more sentimental, such as a framed picture or a gift certificate for a future "date night." For the couple who really has it all, consider a donation to their favorite charity.