How to Get a Printable Sample GED Certificate for Free

by Michelle Blessing

Obtaining a GED, or General Educational Development, diploma is an accomplishment worth celebrating. You can recognize someone's achievement with a printed certificate. Certificates are available online and come in a variety of styles to complement someone's individual tastes.

Visit an online website specializing in free certificate templates. Free Printable Certificates, 123 Certificates and Success Certificates all offer a variety of certificate templates you can personalize.

Choose a certificate template that meets your needs. 123 Certificates has a formal certificate you might utilize for a GED, while Success Certificates offers a multitude of graduation and diploma-style certificates. Alternatively, look for a certificate that represents the recipient's personal style or has a special design or meaning.

Select and download the certificate template. Enter the relevant information, such as name and date of certificate, on the template. Depending on the website, this information can be entered before or after downloading.

Check the certificate for spelling and grammatical errors. Print the certificate when you are satisfied with the result.

Things You Will Need

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Certificate paper
  • Seal sticker (optional)


  • Experiment with different fonts and templates to find the certificate that best suits your needs.

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