Pilot Training Schools in the Philippines

by Star Pollard

Visayas Aerospace College and Technology

The Visayas Aerospace College is located in Iloilo, Philippines. This school provides aeronautical courses and pilot training programs. The pilot training program is called Sunsea-Visayas Training Program. The program includes training in math and science and requires use of computers and automated instruments. For admission to the program, you must be at least 18 years old, proficient in the English language, and pass an examination in math and physics to assess your aptitude for the program. In addition to earning a Private Pilot License, you will also receive a Commercial Pilot License that will enable you to fly commercial aircraft. Additional training and certification is required and is offered as a part of this program. The current cost is $37,630 USD. Visayas Aerospace College and Technology Diversion Road, B.Sambag, Jaro, Iloilo City, 508-7484 Philippines +639205436634 http://www.sunsea.in

Philippines Airlines PAL Aviation School

The Philippines Airlines (PAL) has an aviation school for those who wish to become trained as pilots. The program offers private and commercial pilot training, instrument rating training, multi-engine training, and equipment qualification courses, and includes flight instructor's and license conversion courses. Applicants may apply directly online for more information at http://www.philippineairlines.com/about_pal/pal_learning_center/plc_booking_form.jsp. PAL Aviation School PAL Learning Center 540 Padre Faura Corner Adriatico Streets, Ermita, Manila (632) 404-3983 philippineairlines.com

AERO International Aviation

AERO International Aviation (AIA) provides pilot training for private, commercial and instrument rating in single and multi-engine aircraft. The school offers professional flight and ground instructors who instruct in principles of flight, aircraft systems, navigation and meteorology to prepare students for the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. The cost of training is between $8,500 and $38,500 USD. AERO International Aviation Room 7 Skyfreight Centre, Building C Ninoy Aquino Avenue, Paranaque City Metro Manila Philippines (632) 852-1920 flyaia.info

Fliteline Aviation

Fliteline Aviation provides pilot training as regulated by the Air Transportation Office of the Philippines, Federal Aviation Authority and International Civil Aviation Organization. The training is meant to train pilots for flying according to the regulations of British, European and American aviation authorities. Pilots are educated in ground training, flight simulation, and flight training in single and multi-engine aircraft. For more information, you may send an email to info@flitelineaviationschool.com. Fliteline Aviation Plaridel Airport, Plaridel Bulacan, Philippines +63 (2) 123-4567 flitelineaviationschool.com

Aircrew Flight Training Academy

The Aircrew Flight Training Academy (AFTA) is based at the Kalibo Airport in Kalibo City, Philippines. The AFTA has private pilot, commercial pilot, multi-engine rating, certified flight instructor, and instrument rating courses. For admission, you must be at least 17 years old for a private pilot license and at least 18 years of age for a commercial pilot license. Courses start every two months beginning in January and the school provides access to fully-furnished apartments for admitted students. Aircrew Flight Training Academy Kalibo International Airport Barangay Pook, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines 5600 +91-0731-2621309 aircrewflighttrainingacademy.com

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