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How to Pass An Anatomy Course

by eHow Contributor, Demand Media

    Students pursuing medicine-related degrees must take an anatomy class as part of their study. Anatomy teaches students about the parts of the human body and how they interrelate. Passing the class can be a challenge for some. To get the best grade possible, make the most of your class and study times.

    Step 1

    Attend each anatomy class and take notes. Pay close attention during dissection labs, and do all pre-lab work. Taking an active role during dissections will help you to better remember what you learned and went over during the lab.

    Step 2

    Study your anatomy notes, texts, handouts and other materials every day. Attend study sessions with friends and other members of your anatomy class. Reviewing what you've studied will reinforce both memorization and understanding of the subject.

    Step 3

    Purchase or create flash cards to help you see what your studying. Much of the knowledge that you gain in an anatomy class is learned by rote memorization, and flash cards can help with that.

    Step 4

    Purchase and review an anatomy coloring book. Unlike traditional coloring books made for kids, anatomy coloring books are designed for study. They contain informative text and a color-key system that helps students understand the connections between different parts of the body.

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    • If you are following all of these steps and still having problems, consider hiring a tutor. A tutor can help you to study more effectively.

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