While there are many ways to pay bills, some of them more convenient than others, paying your bills with Western Union money orders allows you to feel secure that a check won't bounce and your creditor gets the payment. Add to your sense of security by saving the stub from your Western Union money order as part of your payment record. Use the information on the stub to determine whether or not the payment has been cashed. Having access to this information is helpful in the event there's any dispute over whether or not you sent your money order.

Step 1

An automated system helps you determine the status of your money order.
An automated system helps you determine the status of your money order.

Call the Western Union automated help line to determine the status of the money order you've sent. As of June 2010, the phone number was 800-999-9660.

Step 2

Listen to the automated menu prompts and select the option to "Check the Status of a Money Order."

Step 3

Enter the 11-digit money order serial number when prompted. The serial number is located in the upper right corner of the Western Union money order record stub. Once you've entered the serial number, the automated service will tell you when your money order was cashed.

Step 4

Select the prompt for assistance if you do not have the 11-digit serial number from your Western Union money order stub. The automated system will take information so the company can fax or mail a copy of a Lost Serial Number Form to you. Fill out the form entirely and fax or mail it back to Western Union so they can trace the money order and determine if it's been cashed.