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For those who never completed high school, the General Education Development (GED) test can be an efficient and affordable way of increasing one's perceived value in the job market. Although each state's requirements differ slightly in regards to the GED, there are several online programs that can help one prepare for the exam no matter where they live. Below are some of the best rated online GED preparation programs as listed by the respected site.


GEDonline is the oldest GED preparation course on the web and is administered in conjunction with the GED practice test put out by the state of Pennsylvania. After paying a modest fee, the web site allows subscribers to take the official GED practice tests that were developed by the GED Testing Service and have them graded online by experienced GED instructors. Subscribers study using online interactive practice lessons and get answers to exam questions through email support and from an online knowledge base. Practice subjects include social studies, math, science, language arts-reading and language arts-writing, the latter of which entails writing an essay. There is no locked classroom schedule, allowing each individual to set his or her own study pace. Spanish-speakers can also opt to prepare for the exam in their native language. GEDonline is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. GEDonline Diversified Computer Services P.O. Box 2199 Kenosha, WI 53141 262-652-2492

Budget-conscious individuals who are interested in taking the GED exam can make use of this outstanding preparation program at absolutely no cost outside of basic school supplies such as notebooks and pencils. The site operates on advertising revenue and donations, so not only is it free, but it gives users access to two years worth of preparatory materials. The program is designed to help users gain the knowledge to pass the GED exam as well as develop skills that will be needed in the workforce. There are a total of 74 one-week lessons that cover a diverse range of subjects like math, science, literature, social studies, composition and English grammar. On average, users complete three lessons per month and often interact with other users in completing assignments through email groups. New classes begin on the first Sunday of every month. 7254 Clancy Way Westerville, OH 43082 is a proven site that allows students to take an online GED practice exam for free, which helps them to see whether they are ready for the real thing. This exam is divided into five sections, averaging 20 to 31 questions: Language Arts-Reading, Language Arts-Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies. The average time recommended to take the exam is seven hours and 15 minutes. It should also be noted that this site does not provide practice questions for the Literature Arts-Writing Part II of the actual exam, where the individual is required to write an essay. However, the web site does feature a comprehensive store with links to suggested study material in practically every subject as well as forums that allow different users to interact and ask each other questions. is currently used by over one million people. 18208 Preston Rd., Suite D9 Dallas, Texas 75252

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